Oakland has become more and more a favorite destination for many in the Bay area. As the prices have continued to rise in San Francisco, many have come to the East Bay with Oakland being one of the favorite landing places. In fact more and more corporations and businesses are taking roots in Oakland and with BART, Ferries, buses and driving, there are many ways to get to many different destinations from Oakland. Oakland has also become a place to come to for diverse arts and entertainment, with a rich variety of social and cultural choices. At Joshua Tree Chiropractic, we are happy to serve those living in Oakland with hi quality Chiropractic care. With El Cerrito just minutes away from Oakland (via 80/580), it is very quick to come to the Joshua Tree Chiropractic and take advantage of the refined treatments offered with Dr. Joshua Pollack.

At Joshua Tree Chiropractic the philosophy is that healing and relief from pain are the natural result of proper alignment of the nervous system. With his in depth knowledge, Dr. Pollack is able to confirm what aspects of the spine and nervous system are out of alignment and through easeful treatments, put the nervous system back in proper functioning mode. For this reason, those seeking holistic treatment are able to treat many conditions such as neck and back pain, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, headaches, sleep disorders, arthritis, bursitis, sciatica and more. Because virtually everything is related to the functioning of the nervous system, Chiropractic can help almost any situation.

And there does not have to be a major pressing problem to see Dr. Pollack. Maybe you would just like to get back to more energy and clarity in your life. With all the stresses we are exposed to every day, it is not hard to become somewhat run down and lacking your full energy. Many have found after visiting Dr. Pollack that they have greatly increased energy and vitality. So with Oakland being such a short distance from Joshua Tree Chiropractic it makes sense to come in and see Dr. Pollack for you health needs. In fact you can just pick up the phone at 510-710-5453 and speak to Dr. Pollack about your situation. Joshua is a living example of vibrant health and really listens to each persons case. What Dr. Pollack is able to do is diagnose what could be the source of your health concern so you are not just dealing with symptoms, that is why many, after having treatment, are free of any more pain and problem and were able to get relief without drugs or surgery. Hope to see you soon!

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