Joshua Tree Chiropractic is pleased to service the Albany CA. area with first class Chiropractic treatments. Dr. Joshua Pollack has extensive background in Chiropractic therapies and can help individuals with many different health issues. “Because Chiropractic works on the root cause of many health problems, the benefits and effects of Chiropractic are far ranging and often immediate”, states Dr. Pollack. Dr. Pollack continues “when the body is in proper alignment, the nervous system has a tremendous ability to heal itself and often the only the only reason that a problem exists is because through the ordinary stress of daily life, the body is not functioning as efficiently as it can due to the structure of the body being out of line. When proper structure is reactivated, the problem often goes away quickly. However each person is a unique case with their own history and current situation. Through various means, we can come to understand each person’s situation and make a course of therapy appropriate for that person.”

The range of issues that Dr. Pollack addresses are quite numerous…….Neck and Back Pain; Carpal Tunnel; Fibromyalgia; Headaches;
Sciatica; Sports Injuries; Car Accident Injuries (Including Whiplash); Tension and Stress Disorders; Sleep Disorders; Arthritis; Joint Discomfort; Bursitis; Leg, Knee, Foot and Ankle Issues; Arm, Wrist, Shoulder and Elbow Issues and many more health issues….
What is recommended is to call Dr. Pollack (at no cost) and discuss with him your situation. Then you can make an appointment and receive his excellent advice and treatment. Simply call 510-710-5453 to reach Dr. Joshua Pollack.

If you are experiencing and health problems, doesn’t it make sense to try out a Holistic Therapy first before relying totally on drugs and surgery (with many possible side effects)?

Joshua Tree Chiropractic is very convenient for those looking for a Chiropractor in Albany California as it is located right in the El Cerrito Plaza on the 2nd floor (right next to Trader Joe’s).

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