Richmond California has been an incorporated city since 1905 and is located in the famous San Francisco East Bay area. Being so close to the Berkeley, Oakland and other well known areas, Richmond is at an important location with many stunning views of the bay. If you like to hike, the Richmond Bay Trail has wonderful vistas of the Bay area. There is also a diversity of food and cultural choices there as well as new development in Richmond, such as the Marina area that will soon have ferry service to downtown San Francisco.

We are located just a short distance from Richmond at the El Cerrito Plaza (2nd floor next to Trader Joe’s) and are happy to help those who are seeking holistic alternatives in the East Bay. In fact, some of our clients come from more distant places around the Bay, but for those in Richmond, we are right next door. Dr. Joshua Pollack is the Chiropractic practitioner at Joshua Tree Chiropractic and is easy to talk to and will listen to your unique history and propose a healing plan catered to you. Really with Chiropractic, your own body is doing the healing, we are merely allowing that healing process to take place by removing the obstacles of misalignment of the nervous system. Once your alignment is correct, it is amazing how fast healing can happen. For this reason, Dr. Pollack is able to treat many, many different situations. Of course Chiropractic is fantastic for acute situations such as recovering from a car accident of sports injury. But also Chiropractic can be great for neck pain, headaches, sciatica, carpal tunnel, back pain, shoulder pain, sleep disorders, arthritis, bursitis and many other conditions. In fact you do not have to be feeling “bad” to see a Chiropractor at all, many people have realized that Chiropractic is one of the best preventative health measures you can make. Why wait until there is a problem? Many have reported great increase in energy and feeling more alive again after seeing Dr. Pollack. Think about it, you change the oil in your car every so often, doesn’t it make sense to make sure your nervous system is running in top condition? Dr. Pollack has been trained to skillfully diagnose where your nervous system structure might be out of alignment and how to put everything back in place in an easeful manner.

Whatever you health situation, we at Joshua Tree Chiropractic are here to help and guide you toward the most radiant health possible. We would like to be your Chiropractor in Richmond CA. area.  Give a call today at 510-710-5453 and start feeling better!

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