Joshua Tree Chiropractic offers a fresh approach to Holistic health for those in the Bay area. Dr. Joshua Pollack brings a great energy and enthusiasm to his work along with years of training and above all he really listens. So many people still do not understand that there may be alternatives to drugs and surgery for your health conditions, why not check with Dr. Pollack to see what he could recommend for you? Dr. Pollack offers a free initial consultation and you could be on the road to feeling better today!

At Joshua Tree Chiropractic the emphasis is on allowing the body’s own innate own innate intelligence to do the healing. When the spine and nervous system are in proper alignment, healing can happen automatically.

This approach is in contrast to much of the medical world which seeks to “fix” your condition with drugs and surgery. While drugs and surgery can have their place, doesn’t it make sense to first see if the condition can be helped naturally? And remember drugs and surgery often have side effects, whereas with Chiropractic there are usually side benefits. Because of the broad range of knowledge Dr. Pollack possesses, he can also advise in other areas and integrate other therapies that can work with Chiropractic (nutrition, supplementation, massage, acupuncture etc..). Dr. Pollack will also often be able to give you exercises to help you prevent your condition from coming back and other health tips. Just talking to Joshua, you will feel better, his enthusiasm is infectious and his treatments are practical.

Ben Franklin said it years ago when he stated “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, this is what chiropractic treatment can do. Many wise people do not even wait for a problem to arise, but visit the Chiropractor regularly to stay in proper alignment and enjoy optimal health.

At Joshua Tree Chiropractic in El Cerrito, we are just moments away from Berkeley, which is why many of our patients live and work in Berkeley. It is easy to get to us, just simply process down San Pablo avenue from Berkeley and then take a right into the El Cerrito Plaza and we are on the 2nd floor right next to Trader Joe’s. If you are coming on 80 or 580, you can get off at Central avenue exit or Buchanan street exit (Gilman exit is also close by), from there just get on to San Pablo and in minutes you are to our location.

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