At Joshua Tree Chiropractic in El Cerrito CA, we are just minutes from Emeryville CA. and are happy to serve those from Emeryville with holistic health care.
Dr. Joshua Pollack is the chiropractor at Joshua Tree Chiropractic and brings a vast amount of knowledge and care to his patients. Really your own body has tremendous healing abilities, but when the structure of the nervous system is not in proper alignment, much of the body’s natural healing abilities are blocked.
Chiropractic care works on regaining fundamental integrity with the nervous system and then great healing can take place. That is why Dr. Pollack can help people with a variety of health concerns. Dr. Pollack can treat neck and back pain, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, headaches, sleep disorders, arthritis, bursitis, sciatica, sports injuries and more. But there does not have to be a major “problem” either with your health, chiropractic care just helps you feel better. That is why patients report increased energy and mental clarity after being teated by at Joshua Tree Chiropractic.

You owe it to yourself to give Dr. Joshua a call. His boundless enthusiasm and in depth knowledge can make all the difference. What is also special is that Dr. Pollack listens to each patient that he works with because each person is different with a different background and has different needs. There is no cost to pick up the phone and call Dr. Pollack today, he can be reached at 510-710-5453. You will be happy you called him and can quickly be on the way to feeling better. Remember there is an alternative to drugs and surgery! Sometimes they cannot be avoided, but doesn’t it make sense to check out a natural alternative before going on the path of drugs and surgery, where there can be side effects? Simply make an appointment to meet Dr. Pollack personally, it is only a few minutes to El Cerrito from Emeryville (Joshua Tree Chiropractic is located on the 2nd floor right by Trader Joe’s in the El Cerrito Plaza).

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